Perth, Western Australia

Friday, May 30, 2008

bye neighbour.

drinks at the larsens last night. amys off to london.
the park will be a little quieter for the next 6 months.

Monday, May 26, 2008

woke up to smell these.

since i started this blog ive really begun to think about 'shit' differently.
i jump on here, post some flicks an have a rant link some music, and people seem to keep coming back.
i dont get it, but they do.
so i keep posting.

in the last week shit has really hit the fan, im behind at uni, and flailing a little with the work load.
being crook half way through semester didn't help. i got behind, caught up, and in the process of catching up got behind with the current work. a bit of a vicious cycle really - but fingers cannot be pointed.
at the moment im right on top of things, so everythings been left till the last minute, but i work well under pressure - i always have. its only two weeks till the end of semester, even less. then i can really focus on producing some dynamic stuff.

freak from desire - roundtable knights (right click - save as - to download)

stay tuned for the impending launch of dick and ed tees and a new website.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


righto, its 3.23am on thursday morning.
went to the clothes peg exhibition at la la orange with old mate tommy clapin tonight, bumped into stevie d and wax e.
it wasnt bad, but im not one to buy a print of an a5 sketch. if i'm gonna commit, i want the original.
went for beers at the scotsman after. got ripped by bogans in airmax 90's and 'plaster stained' bonds jumpers for running stovies - more fool them for missing out.
got home later than first anticipated.
lucky for me i have actually completed the work due for uni in a few hours, this was done last night/night before.
what a kid hey.
so after tucking into suzes' famous chicken parmigana i nailed another litre of coffee chill and began putting all the vis comm baggage together. once completed i had nothing to do, and absolutely no urge to hit the sack.
so i grabbed the old girl out of the crumpler and headed outside for a few snaps.

before the jump here is dj jeeves new mix tape. enjoy - its pretty slick.

some new creatures.

Monday, May 19, 2008

knock knock, whos there - curtin university.

so yer, i pulled my finger out today - been comiting some uni arseignments pretty hard.

tonight is one of those night you neck a litre of iced coffee at 10.30pm, after you break out in a stress induced sweat, and subsequently get to sleep at 4am. You end up having the most fucked up dreams ever in the little bit of shut eye you get. 
having fingered the 5d very little recently i thought i might dig some flicks out of the archives.
 i looked back to a night very similar to this - and found a series of shots i took between 2.05am and 3 on the 8th of january 2006 with the original canon 350d.
this was the night i took my photography to the next level. having had no real training i played around with long exposures of my bed side clock. the shots in this series were shot at f/4 on 30sec. exposures. i used my hand to cup the lens to limit light, and to also adjust the focal length during each exposure. none of the photos have been post processed.
on a different note, downloaded santogolds new self titled album this arv, heres the link for a pretty good torrent. its pretty awesome/shes pretty dardie.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

back to it

did some shots for up and coming, 18 year old singer 

song writter, Danni Stefanetti on Thursday.

the results.

these days im all about finding music that makes my hair stand on end, and trust me - its not east to find.
however, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - nephew of 'yothu yindi' front man Mandawuy Yunupingu, is a recent find which certainly accomplishes this.

Gurrumul was born blind on Elcho Island in Arnhem Land. He was exposed only to the music of johnny cash, elvis and the christian hyms played in the church were he taught him self the guitar. This eclectic mix of genres is more than evident in his music. frothy mc froth.
its sad, good to jam to, good to play in the pilbara, good to work to - but not good for driving or selling brass hinges. 


Saturday, May 3, 2008


few flicks from ignitions party at shape last night.
if you want high res copies email me -

marcus frothing.

some of the gang, sam + jeeves