Perth, Western Australia

Monday, June 30, 2008

sitting at the FMG office at the Race course in newman.
flight leaves in two hours, so ive had time to upload a few photos.

Friday, June 27, 2008

back to the pilbara.

jumping on the big bird at 7.45 tomorrow morning to head up to FMG's 'cloudbreak' camp, about 150km nor nor-west of Newman.

up there with scotty doing a little fauna surveying before they are allowed to clear any land.
pretty straight forward stuff, looking for critters - the camera is coming along for the trip, so stay posted for flicks.
here are a few to 'wet the whistle' from previous surveys on the same site.

slim dusty - three rivers hotel.

Monday, June 23, 2008

illos & tracks pt.II

played the back nine at cott this morning with lloydy.

not much chop. the only thing working for me was my 5 iron.
still, a card in is a card in.

now - more drawings,

this little series is about the different jobs people have.

illos & tracks

im having issues with my photos at the moment.
i think they are all starting to look the same, so tonight i took drastic action.
having finished one of the two remaining assignments, i grabbed my trusty LAMY safari, some 80 gsm butchers paper and a fresh pack of 'colormaxis' - the best markers under $30.

i used to draw alot, and these days the only time i draw is during lectures. Probably not the best idea - but come revision time i have one of the most aesthetically pleasing set of notes going 'round (lacking annotation of course).

hopefully this change in direction will give me time to come up with some new ideas for my photos.

i've been doing alot of downloading this week.
in the past ive posted download links in each post,
but im starting to stress about copyright procedures.
if you like a track send us an email and ill hit you with the link.

the black ghosts - until it comes

Bonobo - In Between The Lines (Nostalgia 77 Remix)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

friday night saw the launch of  the 'paper plane project' EP, on cardboard city records.
the party had an awesome feel, with nick and masons friends and family rockin' to some soulful beats down at the manor. check out their myspace to grab a copy of the vinyl or mp3.

free the robots - yoga fire.

mase on deck.
the jungle cat yarning old mate.

flood and young lass.
mase/jungle cat.

nick & mase.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

chris hancy fashion designer/ ---- power station.

batteries charged, sensors cleaned and fast glass - i was all set for a pretty daunting assignment today. had been approached a few weeks ago by curtin fashion student Chris Hancy to help him out with some shots for his folio.

the location, the now abandoned ---- power station, was chosen by myself last minute.
the garments were designed around/influenced by the japanese movie 'akira', so a modern waste land type back drop was required for the shoot.
getting in to the building was meant to be easy - we had been warned by others the building was used by addicts as a crack den/sleep over club, but we had no real issues - apart from ginger rat/cat like creature which accosted us in a dark corner of the room.
i was joined by long time mate/photographer/fellow snake wrangler Dean Bradshaw,
and models tom and nina - thanks guys!

heres a track to soothe to while you flick through the series. it really sets the mood.

location shots.
dean gets a few shots away.

hancy plus set up, there was very nice art in there.

fair few i know, but hope you liked them.
come again soon.